Life’s rough, get a helmet

Thanks to a generous friend and his desire not to, as he puts it, “feed me soup,” after a traumatic brain injury, I am now a legitimate, helmeted member of the cycling community. Just this morning I put the helmet on and biked to my favorite coffee shop in town to blog.

As helmets go, it’s pretty stylish. (That may be akin to saying that one toddler is a less-sticky toddler than other toddlers. All toddlers are pretty sticky, and all bike helmets are pretty unattractive.) It’s black and white and has a knob for adjusting in the back.

I am safer, though. And safe is the point.

Does anyone have any tips for looking OK in a helmet? Any recommendations for sticker decorations?



Porch envy

noun. A condition common to 20-something professionals (and others) who leave their tiny apartments on bikes or on foot and wander around their historic-district neighborhoods. Characterized by a strong desire to sit on a porch swing and sip lemonade on a summer afternoon and grow flowers in a hanging basket.
See also yard envy and dog ownership envy.


High heels

“Tax bill and high heels” : what I will title the memoir I’ll write when I’m inevitably forced to whore myself after paying the federal government its share of my income.