Bad Poetry Thursday

Note: In an effort to get over what seems to me to be a bit of writer’s block, I’ve been posting short posts that I’ve tweaked from old Facebook posts, writings, etc. Here’s a poem I found from a creative writing class in college. I hereby declare today Bad Poetry Thursday.

Star gazing

Above me, the stars shine
They sing and dance for me
from the midnight sky.
I lie on the ground and feel
Its green fingers tickling my bare arms
The spring air is chilly now
And I wish I’d brought a sweater
For a minute here, I forget that there is more than stars and grass and sweaters
Life is easy
Staring into midnight


Wanted: Professional maker of personal decisions. Must have my best interest at heart. Psychic abilities preferred. Must have soothing voice with which to occasionally yell: “Stop! Shit storm ahead!”

Apply to


Flowers are starting to grow in the grass along the trail where I like to walk.

It’s warmer now than It has been in a long time and the ice is beginning to melt away.

Just another cold snap or two and there will be sunshine on my face and grass under my bare feet.

I can’t wait to gaze into starry skies, listening to a chorus of frogs.

Spring is coming
And I am