The plot

This year I’m learning to garden. A friend and I are sharing a plot in the neighborhood community garden. I’ve never grown anything, besides maybe the occasional flower in my parents’ flowerbed when I was younger, so this will be a new experience. 

By the way, what a neat idea community gardens are. I live in the middle of a city and might never own the property it would take to have my own yard and grow my own tomatoes or carrots there. But for a $30 annual fee I can rent a small plot to grow my own vegetables and I don’t ever have to mow grass. 

So far we’ve only started to weed the plot, but there’s a work day soon and I’m planning to add compost and soil in preparation to start growing. 

There’s something hopeful about a garden. Right now it’s empty, fertile ground, but with some seeds, a little care and time it will soon be bursting with life.  

We put plastic over the plot in an effort to kill the remaining weeds.

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