A year in video

Last year I set out to video a second from each of my days. Well, I didn’t quite do it. So this is finished, but it’s not complete. I forgot frequently. And my Macbook died in the fall so I lost a good chunk of it. But there’s always this year to do better.

Seems like 2016 was a bad year for politics and celebrity deaths, but not terrible personally.

Lots happened though. I saw great live shows. I wrote. I edited. I traveled a little. I ran. I mostly stopped running. I met lots of interesting people. I lost my dog. I made friends.

Here  are pieces of my 2016.

2016, an update in video clips

I posted earlier about my effort to document a second of each day to make a video of it. I’ve ¬†still been doing that. March was kind of thin, though. I forgot more often than not. I’ll going to make more of an effort this month.

Also, I think iMovie hates me for all of the tiny clips I keep giving it. It’s getting hard to deal with.

But anyway, here are clips from the three months of my year.