Oh, the things you’ll (over) hear


On my days off, when I get sick of sitting around the apartment or doing chores, I like to take my laptop to a local coffee shop and write.
Most afternoons the coffee shop is quiet. While I try to mind my own business, sometimes I can’t help overhearing the conversations around me.
Here are a couple of the more entertaining ones:

1. The man with the genius baby. A proud father was talking about 14-month-old daughter who, according to him, was likely to be a young Mensa (the high IQ society) member soon, just like her daddy.
“I just got her an ‘HTML for babies’ book,” he said with a straight face.

2. The former lovers.
Oh man, was that awkward. And they were the only ones in the whole place who were actually taking. So we all got to hear their very private-type of conversation. He was dating someone new and it was clearly bothering her.
“Where did you meet her?” she asked.
“The transit mall,” he said.
“So, has she done more…sexually… Than me?”
3. The Mormon Bible study. Two youngish Mormon missionaries leading a group of teenagers in a study of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. This was amusing mostly because
a teenage girl asked a Bible study leader for a hug and he turned her down. I think it was a purity thing because he didn’t have the same reservations with the young men in the group. Perhaps she should have a side hug?