An update in pictures

I’ve not made time to write for myself lately and that’s a shame because I love to write. But here are a few happenings.

The garden plot is full of tomatoes and it’s great.

Just waiting for them to ripen.

My cats are still jerks.

Summer is in full swing as evidenced by these blackberries.

Summer is also the best time to live in Charleston.

One reason for that is we have a lot of fireworks, like these from the Fourth of July.

I’m working on a lot of freelance stuff from home to make some extra cash.

OK the cats can be cute sometimes when they’re not being jerks.

I’m dreaming of building my own tiny house and living somewhere where the cats can run free outside. (Photo credit Tammy – Weekend with Dee.)

Also currently: reading “Eat, pray, love,” and saving money for my own journey someday soon. Send me travel ideas if you want.

Charleston in the snow (pictures)

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s 4,000 and then some about winter in Charleston.

snow big 1

Quarrier Street, Charleston January 2014

snow big 2

Virginia Street, Charleston from parking garage January 2014

snow big 4

Capitol Street, Charleston January 2014

snow big 3

Dickinson Street, Charleston January 2014

Snow always makes me think of a clean, blank slate or a new beginning. And who couldn’t use that?