Experiments in blackout poetry

Here’s a new, nerdy hobby my fellow word lovers may enjoy. It’s called blackout poetry, and you basically use a newspaper (after reading it of course) and black out all but a few words that make a poem of sorts. It sounds simpler than it is. The poems aren’t always masterpieces, but it’s fun and I like the idea of writing poetry in AP Style.

I got the idea from writer Austin Kleon, who actually did a whole book of them.

Here are a few of the ones I’ve done so far:



I’m not worried; I think we’re OK.




New scenes, different creation. We have sought unusual, surprising pieces.



He is bizarre, but the world thinks kindly of it.



I want a maroon pantsuit. That would be amazing.



There’s a way, maybe. All sound good but none pan out.




You have to get up, but it’s tough.


I’m doing more of these plus haikus and pictures and stuff on tumblr at lorithebraveone.tumblr.com. And you should check out Kleon’s at newspaperblackout.com.

Bad Poetry Thursday

Note: In an effort to get over what seems to me to be a bit of writer’s block, I’ve been posting short posts that I’ve tweaked from old Facebook posts, writings, etc. Here’s a poem I found from a creative writing class in college. I hereby declare today Bad Poetry Thursday.

Star gazing

Above me, the stars shine
They sing and dance for me
from the midnight sky.
I lie on the ground and feel
Its green fingers tickling my bare arms
The spring air is chilly now
And I wish I’d brought a sweater
For a minute here, I forget that there is more than stars and grass and sweaters
Life is easy
Staring into midnight

The artist

It’s important to know your strengths in life. During my last breakup, I drove all the way to a craft store to pick up art supplies in an attempt to express my feelings.
Then I got there and realized, I have no talent for painting or drawing.
I came back home and wrote a bad poem.