My bike is lonely (an ode to Spring in deep Winter)

Roadmaster Discoverer

We’re expecting 6 inches of snow and I am longing for my bike, which is lonely in my living room where it has been untouched since the fall turned chilly.

If the weather were nicer, I’d pedal down to Magic Island and sit on a swing set, I’d ride it to Taylor’s and have coffee.

But I can’t.

We’re getting more snow. And I can’t wait for Spring.



Flowers are starting to grow in the grass along the trail where I like to walk.

It’s warmer now than It has been in a long time and the ice is beginning to melt away.

Just another cold snap or two and there will be sunshine on my face and grass under my bare feet.

I can’t wait to gaze into starry skies, listening to a chorus of frogs.

Spring is coming
And I am