The plot

This year I’m learning to garden. A friend and I are sharing a plot in the neighborhood community garden. I’ve never grown anything, besides maybe the occasional flower in my parents’ flowerbed when I was younger, so this will be a new experience. 

By the way, what a neat idea community gardens are. I live in the middle of a city and might never own the property it would take to have my own yard and grow my own tomatoes or carrots there. But for a $30 annual fee I can rent a small plot to grow my own vegetables and I don’t ever have to mow grass. 

So far we’ve only started to weed the plot, but there’s a work day soon and I’m planning to add compost and soil in preparation to start growing. 

There’s something hopeful about a garden. Right now it’s empty, fertile ground, but with some seeds, a little care and time it will soon be bursting with life.  

We put plastic over the plot in an effort to kill the remaining weeds.


Flowers are starting to grow in the grass along the trail where I like to walk.

It’s warmer now than It has been in a long time and the ice is beginning to melt away.

Just another cold snap or two and there will be sunshine on my face and grass under my bare feet.

I can’t wait to gaze into starry skies, listening to a chorus of frogs.

Spring is coming
And I am