The (almost) writing process

No two persons’ creative process looks the same. Here’s what usually happens when I decide to write. They say writers love to have written, and it’s true.

  1. Get inspired to write.
  2. Pack a journal,  pen and laptop into and decide to head down to a favorite writing spot/coffee shop.
  3. Decide that, no, you don’t need to spend money on coffee when you have a perfectly good apartment with wifi and a coffee maker and you can write sitting on your own couch.
  4. Unpack your things, spread out on the couch while you wait for the coffee to  finish brewing.
  5. Remove cat from lap.
  6. Open laptop: browse Facebook and watch a funny cat video.
  7. Remove cat from laptop keyboard, admonish said cat to do something with his furry life already.
  8. Open a new WordPress blogpost.
  9. Decide you really want to go to the coffee shop after all. Get on bike and go there.
  10. Open laptop.
  11. Realize you don’t really have anything interesting to say and that you’ll probably die before your memoir is done.
  12. Close laptop, defeated. Vow to do better tomorrow.

Credit: Ildar Sagdejev/Wikipedia commons